Volume 5, Issues 1-2
Spring 2015

Editor’s Note
Judith Roumani

Interview with Rabbi Riccardo Di Segni, Chief Rabbi of Rome
Jacques Roumani
Translated by Judith Roumani

Pure Blood Statutes in Sixteenth Century Toledo: Implementation as Opposed to Adoption
Linda Martz

The Sephardic Drinking Song, “I give my life for a taste of raki”
Eugene Normand and Albert S. Maimon

The Tortoise, a poem
Elisabetta Cabbibe Paggi

In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish:

Una Manzana Alesha el Mediko
Rivka Abiry

Chile, Jeografia Atavanada
Hernán Rodríguez Fisse

La Lettre sépharade
Jean Carasso


The Jews of Karnobat [Sofia: American Research Center in Sofia, 2014] by Zvi Keren
Reviewed by Steven F. Sage

Jews in the Caribbean [Oxford: Littman, 2013] by Jane Gerber
Reviewed by Paulette Kershenovich Schuster

Critical Approaches to Jewish Mexican Literature/Aproximaciones críticas a la literature judeomexicana [Special Issue No. 4 of Chasqui. Tempe, Arizona, 2013] by Darrell Lockhart
Reviewed by Paulette Kershenovich Schuster

Yo Esto Reklamando! [Allahabad (India): Cyberwit, 2014] by Moshé Liba. Translated into Ladino/Judeo-Spanish by Zelda Ovadia
Reviewed by Albert Garih

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