Volume 4, Issue 4
Fall 2014

Editor's Note
Judith Roumani

Benghazi—Bergen-Belsen: Extract from a Novel
Yossi Sucary

The Golden Age of Reasoning: Rambam and Zhuxi
Tiberiu Weisz

Inside and Outside of Gerineldo: From the Gardens of Spain and the Mountains of Morocco
Geoffrey Clarfield

In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish

Rivka Abiry

Haim Vitali Sadacca


Conversos in the Responsa of Sephardic and Halakhic Authorities in the Fifteenth Century by Dora Zsom
Reviewed by Andrew Apostolou

La presse judéo-espagnole, support et vecteur de la modernité [The Judeo-Spanish Press as Medium and Vehicle of Modernity] edited by Rosa Sánchez and Marie-Christine Varol
Reviewed by Ralph Tarica

Giovanni Pico e la cabbalà. [Giovanni Pico and the Kabbalah] by Fabrizio Lelli
Reviewed by David Navarro

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