Volume 5, Issues 3-4
Fall 2015

Special issue devoted to the work of Albert Memmi

Editor's Note
Judith Roumani

Extract from Tunisian Journal, 1955-56, "Journal d'un retour au pays natal"
Albert Memmi

Quelques compléments à propos de l'écriture colorée chez Albert Memmi
Guy Dugas

Un genre faux ou un faux genre? Novels Taken for Autobiography
Lia Brozgal

Albert Memmi, passeur de mondes
Edmond Jouve

The End of Colonialism in Novels by Albert Memmi and Kateb Yacine
Judith Roumani

In Ladino/Judeo-Spanish:

Sivdades a la fin del mundo
Hernán Rodriguez Fisse

La Dama en fostan colorado
Rivka Abiry


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"Synagonistis: Greek Jews in the National Resistance." [Review of an Exhibit held April 1, 2015 - May 26, 2015, Washington Hebrew Congregation, Washington DC]
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Vera Paggi. Vicolo degli Azzimi. Dal ghetto di Pitigliano al miracolo economico. [Panozzo Editore, 2013]
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Ilko Minev. As Flowers Go [São Paolo: Livros de Safra, 2014]
Reviewed by Steven F. Sage

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